You can download the lectures here. We will try to upload lectures prior to their corresponding classes.

  • Course Administration; Overview of course material
    [slides (lec01.pdf)]
  • Internet architecture, service model, comparisons with other networks
    tl;dr: Review of alternative architectures, PSTN, ATM; Network taxonomy
    [slides (lec01.pdf)]
  • Bridging/ Switching
    tl;dr: Hubs, bridges, switches, spanning tree, VLANs
    [slides (lec02.pdf)]
  • Routing - Single domain
    tl;dr: Routing algorithms review: Distance Vector and Link State; Real-world protocols: RIP, OSPF, etc.
    [slides (lec03.pdf)] [slides (lec04.pdf)]
  • Interdomain Routing with BGP,
    tl;dr: ISP peering relationships; BGP basics; Routing policies
    [slides (lec05.pdf)]
  • Router internals, forwarding plane mechanisms, netflow
    tl;dr: High speed switching/ router fabric architectures; Control vs Forwarding planes, Netflow
    [slides (lec06.pdf)]
  • MPLS
    tl;dr: Multi Protocol Label Switching, L2VPN, L3VPN
    [slides (lec07.pdf)]
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
    tl;dr: Control and data plane separation; Network OS; OpenFlow; ONOS
    [slides (lec08.pdf)]

    Ref. [RoadtoSDN13] [ONOS14], [OVX14], [Synicate14], [XOS15]

  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV);
    [slides (lec09.pdf)]

    Ref. [XOS&CORD], [CORD15], [CORDNFV], [OpenCloud], [ServiceCompositionCORD], [NetworkHyperVisorSurvey], [CORD16], [CORDRefImp] ; [Sigcomm2020]

  • Programmable Data-Plane - P4
    tl;dr: Part II and III of SDN. Programmable data-plane; Getting Humans Out of the Way in Network Control/ Management
    [slides (lec10.pdf)]
  • IPv6
    tl;dr: IPv4 and NATs; IPv6 headers; IPv6 addressing: anycast, multicast, autoconfiguration; Transition: dual stack, tunneling
    [slides (lec11.pdf)]
  • SIP and the Internet Multimedia Subsystem of Cellular Networks
    tl;dr: Session Initial Protocol; SIP Registrar, SIP Proxy; 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystems
    [slides (lec12.pdf)]
    [slides (lec13.pdf)]