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Course Objective

This module introduces the principles of networking protocol design under the mobile/ wireless environment. Mobile networking protocol design for the MAC, Network, Transport, Session and Application layers will be covered. The course will follow a “problem-and-solution” approach in which key generic problems created by the mobile/ wireless environment on each protocol layer are first introduced. Alternative solutions as well as their associated trade-offs, are then illustrated via real-world examples. Specific problems and their practical solutions to be studied include: Multi Access Control in a wireless environment, Mobility Management for infrastructure-oriented wireless networks (e.g. location tracking and handover), Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc networks, Wireless Transport protocol design, Session and Service control for Multimedia Wireless networks. Emerging mobile technologies, applications and future directions will also be discussed.


Pre-requisite includes Computer Networks (IERG3310) and Digital Communications (IERG3010) OR their equivalents OR the consent of the instructor.

 Teaching format

Lectures and Student presentations

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Most of the relevant class materials will be available on the class webpage. Please visit the class webpage often and stay tuned for any announcement, supplementary discussions, clarifications and changes pertaining to the content of the course and homework assignments. 

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Tentative Lecture Schedule (Subject to change)


Lecture Date


Assigned Readings 

Supplementary Readings  

which is useful for someone who wants to learn more about specific topics  (Optional only)


Jan 8

Course Admin ;

Overview ; MAC

 [Schiller] Ch 1, 2, 3.6

[Kurose] Ch 6, [Rappaport] Ch 1, 3, 4, 5.


Jan 15

MAC and Wireless LAN (cont’d) 

[Schiller] Ch 3.1, Ch 7.1-7.3,

[Bharghavan 94]


[Gast] Ch. 2, 3, 4, 7, 8
[Patil] Ch 11,

[Verkaik 09]


Jan 22

Mobility Support for IP Networks and its extensions

[Schiller] Ch 8.1, 8.2,

[Nikander 03a], [Aura 06]


[Aura 03]

[Soliman 04]
[Patil 03] Ch. 7.


Homework 1 Released



Jan 29

Locator/Identifier Split


 Written review 1 due

Feb 5, 12

2G Cellular Networks: Air Interface Technologies and Network Architecture


[Chen 03]
Ch. 1, 2, 4.
[Lin 00] Ch. 9, 10,11,18, 

[Bender 00]

[Andrews 05] ,

[Andrews 10] 



Homework 1 due (on Feb 17)

Feb 19

Happy Chinese New Year




Feb 26

3G Cellular Networks: Air Interface Technologies and Network Architecture



Written review 2 due

Mar 5 

4G Cellular Networks: Air Interface Technologies and Network Architecture



Mar 12


4G and 5G Cellular Networks: Air Interface Technologies and Network Architecture




Mar 19

Session and Service Management ; Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) ;

Written review 3 due 


Mar 26


Small Cell Networks



Homework 2 Released


Apr 2

Transport Layer Protocols for Mobile Networks / Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) 

 [Balakrishnan 97]


Written review 4 due

Apr 9

Vehicular Networks and Applications 



Homework 2 due

Apr 16

Class to attend the Internet of Things Workshop and talks in HKSTP




Written review 5 due


Apr 23, 

Sensor Networks, RFID, NFC, Internet of Things




Early May (Mon) noon

 Two 3-hr sessions of Project Presentations



Term Paper Due in Mid May

Course Assessment

Your grade will be based on the following components: 

2 Homework sets:                          20 % 

Best 3 out of 5 paper reviews:         20 % 

Presentation:                                  25 %

Class Participation:                         10 %

Project/Term paper:                       25 %  

Recommended Texts

[Andrews] J. Andrews, A. Ghosh, J. Zhang, Fundamentals of LTE, Published by Prentice Hall, 2010.

[Zheng] P. Zheng and L. Peterson, Wireless Networking Complete, Published by Morgan Kaufmann, 2009.

[Kurose] Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach featuring the Internet, 6th Edition, by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross, Published by Addison Wesley, 2012.

[Kumar] Wireless Networking, by Anurag Kumar, D. Manjunath and Joy Kuri, Published by Morgan Kaufmann, 2008.

[Gast] 802.11 Wireless Networks: The definitive guide, 2nd Edition by Matthew Gast, Published by O'Reilly Press, 2005.

[Schiller] Mobile Communications, 2nd Edition by Jochen Schiller,  Publisher: Addison Wesley, 2004.

[Rappaport] Wireless Communications, 2nd Edition, by Theodore Rappaport, Publisher: Addison Wesley, 2002

Additional Reference list

Reference list

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Student/Faculty Expectations on Teaching and Learning

Academic Honesty

You are expected to do your own work and acknowledge the use of anyone else’s words or ideas. 

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When scholastic dishonesty is suspected, the matter will be turned over to the University authority for inquiry, with a recommendation of ‘Fail’ for the course. 

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Regular attendance will be vital to your success in this class; some portion of the material presented and tested may not be contained in the notes or the textbook.