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General Big Data

Infrastructure for Big Data Processing/ Cloud Computing

MapReduce and other Big Data Processing Platforms

Mining Massive Graphs and Graph-based Processing Platforms

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Data Stream Processing Algorithms

High-level Big Data Query Language/ Processing Systems

Big Data processing Architectures in the Real-World

Workflow Scheduling for Hadoop

Good Distributed Systems Courses/ Lectures

  • By Prof. Martin Kleppmann, Cambridge: WEB Video

  • By Prof Steve Ko, University of Buffalo: WEB

  • By Prof. Frans Kaashoek, MIT: WEB
    • the schedule contains links to UNLISTED Youtube video by Prof. Frans Kaashoek
    • alternatively, Prof. Bob Morris of MIT also offered a different version of of the course: Video
  • By Prof. Lindsey Kuper, UC Santa Cruz: WEB
  • By Prof. Indranil Gupta of UIUC: WEB

  • By Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi of Cornell: WEB

  • By Prof. John Ousterhout and Diego Ontario, lectures on Paxos and Raft (part of the Raft user study):
  • By Dr. Chris Colohan, WEB Video