CUHK EPCGlobal RFID Middleware 1.0 (Open Source)

RFID Tag and Reader Technologies at UHF band for Logistics Management
(Funded by Innovation and Technology Fund)

  • IVHS Division, Mark IV Industries
  • ANSEN Electronics Company
  • e-jing Technologies
  • ITE (Holdings) Limited

    To develop the core technologies in RFID tags and readers and related networking and to apply the RFID technology to logistics management. The proposed research will investigate most of practical issues in building a RFID system and its network implementation. The emphasis of the project is placed on developing active RFID systems at UHF frequency band. On top of the systems, an advanced logistics management platform will be implemented and tested in a cross docking environments.

    For detail documentations, please visit here. Code is available at GitHub.

    To download the CUHK EPCGlobal RFID Middleware 1.0 (Open Source), please visit here.

    The project is co-developed by the Department of Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering and Systems Engineering & Engineering Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    For general information, please visit the project's website at http://mwave.ee.cuhk.edu.hk/rfid/

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