MTV4S - Mobile TV for us
With the advanced wireless technologies, mobile devices nowadays are able to provide services more than phone calling and messaging. Among all the newly developed services, mobile entertainment, especially mobile video/TV, is growing most rapidly. Mobile TV for uS (MTV4S) brings us the next generation of Mobile TV services. By leveraging the latest mobile networking innovations, MTV4S makes the traditional king of media available to the mass, anytime, anywhere, and at a much reduced cost.

This project provides 4S, which are Sharing, Scheduled-recording, Smart management and cost Savings, for various mobile devices, including Java mobile phones, Pocket PCs and Laptops. We have developed video sharing functions. For those who do not have Internet connections, they can watch TV via other Internet-connected users. Therefore, more people can enjoy our product and the popularity of MTV4S can be increased. Besides, users can watch both live and recorded TV in an on-demand streaming basis, and conveniently manage the recording schedule on their mobile devices. In addition to those traditional features found in Video Cassette Recorder, intelligent features, such as Smart Recording and Smart Storage Management are added to MTV4S for minimizing the troubles in mobile environments.

Mobile entertainments will be a trend in the future. By merging the traditional media and the modern technology, MTV4S has a high potential to be a popular mobile application.

Development team

Lam Chi Ho, Raymond

Suen Ho Yan, Ray

Mobile Technologies Centre
Department of Information Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong