The Mobile Technologies Centre is established as a research centre within the Faculty of Engineering, with full access to the laboratory equipments and infrastructure support.

Prof. Wing C. Lau is the Director of MobiTeC. Prof. Peter T.S. Yum, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, chairs the Operations/ Advisory Committee, which oversees the strategic direction and review the progress of the Centre. Professors in the Engineering School invited to join the Centre include Prof. Jack Lee, Prof. Soung Liew, Prof. Michael Lyu and Prof. P.C. Wong.

University and Industry Collaborations
The Centre welcomes sponsors from network operators, equipment suppliers, application developers, and service providers relating to the mobile communications industry. Companies can also provide research (MPhil or PhD) fellowships for students to conduct research in mobile technologies. Industrial participation will help shape the research direction of the Centre to better contribute to a more prosperous mobile industry in Hong Kong. In addition, the staff at the Centre will undertake contract research or cooperate with industrial partners to apply for Government funding support to conduct specific R&D projects that will benefit the local industry.

Research Areas
The following research areas will be the initial focus of the Centre:
  • Data QoS (Quality of Service) - While for voice communication, the performance indices and measurement methods are well understood, wireless data QoS is a new and much needed area of research. Methodology for characterizing the end-to-end QoS will be developed. Then measurement techniques applicable to Hong Kong will be designed and deployed for periodic reporting. Innovative methods for improving wireless data QoS will be studied.

  • Service Creation - New wireless networking technologies (2.5G, 3G and wireless LAN) will provide the mobile users with a rich selection of bandwidths and connectivity choices. The Centre will design new mobile multimedia applications, using the enabling technologies to meet the needs of both consumer and business users in Hong Kong. These new applications will provide additional revenue generating opportunities for the mobile industry.

  • Content Delivery - While 3G technologies have been standardized, few operators have experience in deploying and optimizing 3G network infrastructures yet. Innovative algorithms will be designed to maximize the network performance, especially for the applications of interest to Hong Kong operators such as media streaming. Research outputs will also be useful for contributions to future wireless standards.

Prior Contributions by CUHK Researchers
Members of the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK have carried out many research projects relating to mobile technologies. Sample cases of successful technology transfer or industrial collaboration include:
  • Undertook a preliminary study to compare the QoS of different networks and made recommendation for improvements.

  • Licensed the Video2MMSTM technologies to enable the services of delivering short video clips of news and weather information to mobile phone subscribers.

  • Developed mobile games, which have been launched and well received in the market.

  • Created Cantonese text-to-speech Web Services solution for telephone applications.

  • Led researchers to develop new protocols for 3G standards, especially High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA).
See for additional descriptions on recent wireless/ mobile networking research conducted in the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK.

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